Relieve The Woes Of Winter With Massage Therapy This Spring

Winter can be rough on a person; from the strains of getting around in foul weather to too much time spent inside, you can easily injure your back or neck. Treat these aches and pains with massage therapy; consistent treatment may help you to feel like a new person this spring!

Try a massage to relieve these winter woes:

Too Much Shoveling

If you live in northern regions, you may anticipate snow in the wintertime; shoveling and removing snow puts you at risk of a back injury. Massage therapists may be able to relieve the pain in your back and muscles while reminding you of the best form to use during winter snow removal. Always bend your knees, lift from the legs, and keep your back as straight as you can when you shovel.

Slips and Falls

Winter is the prime time to slip, fall, and injure yourself. Slippery sidewalks, unplowed parking lots, and icy drives are a recipe for disaster. If you live in an area prone to such weather, invest in some ice cleats to slide over your shoes to provide tread on slippery surfaces. Enjoy regular massages during this time of year to treat any existing back or neck injury without drugs.

Weight Gain

Do you tend to put on a few pounds in the winter? Many people do and this can also cause undue stress and strain on your back; carrying around extra weight makes you more susceptible to injury. A massage can help improve oxygen flow and alleviate stress, which could result in weight loss for many individuals. Talk to your massage therapist to learn more. 

Too Much Time Indoors

Cold temperatures and nasty weather conditions may keep you inside more during winter months. Lounging on the couch, sitting in front of a screen, and not getting as much exercise can all cause core injuries, aches, and pains; make it a point to get outside – every day – and use ergonomic methods to prevent neck, back, and eye strain when sitting in front of computers for extended periods of time. Get out of the house for a relaxing massage! 

Take care of the aches and pains of winter with regular massage services this spring. Winter can wreak havoc on your back, neck, and core; treat them right and preserve your mobility with a relaxing massage today. Check with massage professionals in your area to make your appointment.

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