Zoo Employees May Find Whiplash Makes A Job Even Harder

A daily commute to work usually goes well for days, weeks, and years. Don't feel too safe, however. No matter how hassle-free the drive to work often is, accidents happen. When you work in security at a tourist-heavy place such as the city zoo, the chances of an accident always loom large. With so many people unfamiliar with the locale, fender benders and worse might occur. Maybe one day a would-be zoo visitor hits your car from behind. You could end up with whiplash, a condition potentially made worse by the duties of your job. Hopefully, chiropractic care after this "minor" car accident can address your job-related concerns.

Car Accidents, Whiplash, and Life at the Zoo

As a zoo employee, you likely notice gorillas don't turn their heads. They rotate their entire torso. You can only mimic a gorilla for so long. With all the activity occurring at a busy zoo, repeatedly turning your head back and forth isn't exactly avoidable. Zoo visitors don't always make wise decisions. As a guard, you must keep tabs on them, requiring you to look around.

Whiplash inflicted by a car accident could mean chronic pain. Chiropractors commonly treat whiplash injuries. Be sure to tell the chiropractor about your daily zoo duties. This way, the chiropractor can consider the physical job tasks.

The Drifting Kid Scenario

Little kids become enamored with the majestic creatures in the zoo. Sometimes, their attention draws like a laser to an animal. They drift away from their parents. Worse, young ones may put themselves in harm by ignoring safety barriers. Upon picking up on the incident, you spring into action. That may require bolting up a flight of stairs or hopping over a railing. Doing so with a pre-existing injury brings forth concerns. Describing these scenarios to a chiropractor may help him/her come up with a treatment plan and decidedly beneficial exercises. Of course, finding the right chiropractor must precede this critical step.

Chiropractors and Active Clients

Finding a chiropractor with experience treating zoo security professionals might not be easy. Such may even be the case even when asking people at work for a referral. Locating one who consistently treats active people should come easier. When contacting the chiropractor's office, mention more than the motor vehicle accident injury. Describe your job. Ask if the doctor's experience includes consistently treating whiplash sufferers with physical jobs. Since the zoo job could aggravate the condition, you must choose the right chiropractor. Remember, the car accident injury reflects only part of your concerns.

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