How Chiropractic Care And Massage Go Hand In Hand

Many more chiropractic offices are beginning to offer massage therapy as part of their treatment options. There are several unique benefits to combining these two types of therapy; here are some of the top reasons to get both. 

Muscles and Bones Rely on Each Other

A chiropractor may generally be focused mostly on the bone structure with a regular chiropractic routine. But in reality, the bones and muscles rely on one another to work as an integrated system. When there is a problem in one area, then the other system can suffer. This is why massage therapy is beginning to be used as part of a holistic chiropractic treatment. 

Massage Therapy Makes Adjustments Easier

When patients are very tense or they have a muscular injury, this can make giving a safe and comfortable chiropractic adjustment more difficult. In contrast, when the muscles are relaxed, it gives the chiropractor much more control over the way the body moves during a spinal adjustment and helps to ensure that the process is done well. A massage treatment may be a great precursor to spinal adjustment for patients who typically have a tough time with these treatments. 

Massage Can Ease the Pain of Chiropractic Treatment

While chiropractic care can be great for the treatment and prevention of pain in the long run, the spinal manipulations may not feel wonderful when you first get out of the office. They can cause a bit of soreness, especially the first few times they are done. Massage therapy in combination with chiropractic care can help to alleviate some of the little aches and pains that come with chiropractic care. 

It Can Increase Mobility

If part of the goal of your chiropractic treatment is to increase mobility, then massage therapy is a great way to improve the progress you're making in your traditional chiropractic visits. By massaging stuck points in your muscular system, you can alleviate some of the tension that can lead to a decreased range of motion. 

In short, there are plenty of reasons to include massage therapy as part of your chiropractic treatment plan. Since many chiropractors approach therapeutic massage differently, it's something that you should take up directly with your chiropractor (like those at North Star Chiropractic Center). They may be able to work therapeutic massage directly into your next appointment, while some facilities have special time slots reserved for massage therapy. It's worth looking into as a great compliment to your regular chiropractor visits. 

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