How Chiropractic Care Helps with Pinched Nerves

If you have severe pain in your middle or lower back that pain relievers don't seem to help with, it might be from a pinched nerve. Chiropractic care is often recommended for this medical condition since a practitioner will not only reduce the pain but can also help prevent it from returning. Here are some things to know about getting chiropractic care for a pinched nerve.

The Potential Causes of a Pinched Nerve

Since there are different methods used by chiropractors for a pinched nerve, it helps to first know the different causes. When you identify the cause, the chiropractor is able to help you treat it and keep it from returning. With a pinched nerve in the back, the nerve that runs along your back vertebrae was stretched or compressed. This could be from a fall, trauma from a vehicle accident or sport, overuse of your back, or a condition like bone spurs in the back. It could also be from misalignment of the spine, which then causes the pinched nerve.

Why Chiropractic Care is Beneficial

While doctors might have different methods for helping a pinched nerve, they often require medications that only cover up the problem. If you have tried medicinal methods and they aren't successful, it is time to think about alternatives. With chiropractic care, you benefit by having your entire body healed. Through this type of treatment, you get a spinal adjustment, which helps with any body discomforts you have aside from the pinched nerve. Chiropractors also use treatments that help to promote self-healing so you can prevent injuries and certain medical conditions in the future.

The Chiropractic Techniques

Multiple techniques are utilized by chiropractors when they are trying to help pinched nerves. Your severity of pain, what you can tolerate, and what other ailments you have will determine what treatments they use. Ultrasound therapy is one good option when you are in severe pain and can't handle much else. There are also gentle massaging techniques that work out the muscles and tendons without doing a full adjustment.

When you can handle it, the chiropractor will do a spinal adjustment, which is the best method for long-lasting relief and prevention of further pain. This is done by putting pressure on the spine and twisting it gently in order to realign it properly. This alone helps many people find relief for their pinched nerve pain. It is advisable that you still seek help from a medical doctor, even if you choose to get treatment from a chiropractor.

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