3 Gentle Realignment Methods For People With Stiff Or Painful Bodies And Spines

Whether you're suffering from the aftermath of a serious injury or something as simple as too many years of poor posture, a misaligned body can cause pain, stiffness, and interrupt your daily life. if you're looking for relief from this kind of pain and want to correct a curved back, a crooked spine, or a stiff or unmovable joint, these three therapies, together or separately, may be of use to you.


Yoga is often praised as one of the best exercise methods possible for people with injuries, stiffness, and misaligned or twisted spines. The reason for this is that while yoga can get your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles, it's all about stretching and a flow of motion. Studies have shown that practicing twice a week for 8 weeks can improve flexibility, endurance, and even strength. Yoga practitioners and teachers help their students to assume the correct posture in each pose, which prevents further damage to the muscles and back, and helps you to understand what it feels like to have proper posture. When you're taught to hold these poses correctly, you learn which muscles need to be engaged, and how much, which helps you to maintain proper posture even when you're not practicing.


There are a wide variety of chiropractic styles available, but they are all based on the core principle of aligning your spine. According to chiropractors, spines can become misaligned due to major trauma, like a car accident, minor accidents like tripping and falling, or even extended periods of poor posture. Anxiety and stress, which can make your shoulders tense, can also put strain on your spine, pulling it out of alignment.

Chiropractors can correct these misalignments by manually adjusting your neck and spine by pressing, twisting, or kneading your body, or by using a chiropractic activator device to nudge the spine in the right direction. These treatments are gentle and relaxing, and can help you to regain your posture and feel less pain in your body. Contact a local provider, like Reinecke Chiropractor, for more information.

Tui Na

Tui Na is a modality of massage that originated in China, and it follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Similarly to acupuncture, Tui Na tries to balance the energy of the body. However, Tui Na puts more of an emphasis on healing muscle and tissue damage than acupuncture, and is extremely gentle.

Tui Na masseuses use a variety of moves that gently stretch and knead your body's tissues, allowing muscles to relax and joints to loosen. For example, if your shoulder was stiff and you had difficulty moving it because the muscles that control it were strained or damaged, trying to perform exercises with that joint would be difficult because the muscles are damaged. Tui Na takes care of the effort for you, and your masseuse gently moves your arm the way it should go, loosing the joint without making your muscles do the work.

These three therapies can help your body to feel normal and pain-free again, the way it did before an accident happened or repeated poor posture began. If you're struggling with pain or posture problems, give one or all of them a try and see if they help you.

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