Hit The Pool For Back Pain Relief

Scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor can be the first step in getting relief for your chronic back pain. By diagnosing the nature of your discomfort, adjusting your spine and setting out a treatment plan of subsequent adjustments, a professional chiropractor, like those at Arizona Injury Centers /Accident Chiropractic, can help to return your spine to its proper alignment and allow you to get on with your pain-free life. Many chiropractors also suggest some exercises for you to perform between sessions and in the weeks and months after your treatment plan ends. Several effective exercises, which are especially enjoyable to perform in the hot months of summer, take place in a pool. Here are three workout ideas.


Swimming is often a suitable activity for people dealing with back pain. This simple exercise strengthens many muscle groups in your body, including those in your core and back. Stronger core and back muscles are important for their ability to hold your back in its proper alignment. Additionally, swimming doesn't generate an impact like many other forms of cardiovascular exercise, given that your body is constantly surrounded by the buoyant water. Although your chiropractor might suggest a specific swimming stroke for you to adopt, it's generally best to focus on those that don't involve significant back twisting. For example, try the breast stroke instead of the front crawl.

Water Walking

Walking in the shallow end of the pool is an ideal exercise for people who aren't comfortable swimming. This exercise is an effective way to strengthen your core muscles and poses more of a workout than walking on the ground -- given the resistance created by the water -- but without the same impact. Depending on the size of the pool, you can try walking in place or walking laps across the shallow end. If you get to a point that walking doesn't provide enough of a challenge, try increasing your pace to a jog.

Resistance Training

Several resistance training exercises can strengthen your muscles while also promoting flexibility. The leg raise, in which you grip the edge of the pool and raise one leg at a time out in front of you, builds the strength of the muscles in your low back and legs. The leg stretch, in which you face the edge of the pool and hold the ledge with outstretched arms in a Superman position, helps to elongate your back, which can provide relief for your sore joints.

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