Three Ways A Chiropractor Can Help Your Family Members

If you've contended with back or neck pain at some point in your life, you might have sought treatment from a chiropractor to rectify the issue. Chiropractic care, however, extends well beyond treating aches and pains. If you or anyone in your family is suffering from some other common issues that you haven't been able to manage on your own, it can often be prudent to arrange a chiropractic consultation to see if your chiropractor can help. Here are three lesser-known areas that a chiropractor can address.


If someone in your family is among the millions of people who contend with asthma, you know the challenges of this breathing condition. Chiropractic care can often help the patient manage his or her symptoms, notes the American Chiropractic Association. The organization notes that researchers in Australia have had favorable results when testing the positive effects of chiropractic care in treating asthma. A chiropractic adjustment can address any postural issues that are affecting the respiratory system, while also suggesting helpful lifestyle changes that can help to lessen the symptoms of this condition. Although your chiropractor shouldn't take the place of the primary physician treating the asthma, he or she can provide complementary therapy, according to the ACA.

Ear Infections

Although many adults can get ear infections, this issue is commonplace for children. In fact, ear infections account for more visits to the family doctor for children than anything else, according to the ACA. The organization reports that a chiropractic adjustment can often help treat ear infections. Gently adjusting the patient's neck allows the person's blocked ears to drain better, which prevents the build-up of fluid that will eventually become infected and cause discomfort. The ACA suggests that this form of care, rather than going on antibiotics, is preferable because it allows the patient's immune system to strengthen and potentially fight off future ear infections.


Many people have difficulty sleeping soundly through the night. This issue can translate into lethargy throughout the day. A visit to the chiropractor can often positively impact you or a family member's ability to sleep. The chiropractor can perform an evaluation to determine if there are any postural issues that are affecting the quality of sleep -- if the patient has a sore back, he or she might struggle to get comfortable. Additionally, the chiropractor will suggest the best sleeping position and offer some lifestyle and dietary suggestions that promote relaxation in the hours before bedtime and increase the likelihood of being able to sleep soundly.

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